Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Best Hacksaw Blades 2019 For Metal, Steel, Wood, Aluminium, PVC Pipe, Ceramic

Best Hacksaw Blades for the year 2019 is listed below.Hacksaw is one of the most prominent used work tools. The Performance of Hacksaw is purely dependent on the quality of it's blade. Work will be easier and less time consuming if you used Best Hacksaw Blades.

There are different types of blades available for different kind of jobs like there is different hacksaw blade for stainless steel, Hardened steel, Wood, PVC Pipe, Metal and Aluminium. So you have to choose based on your requirement.Another thing to be noted before buying Hacksaw Blade is TPI. TPI means "Tooth Per Inch". Choose  TPI based on your work.

Top 10 Best Hacksaw Blades For Cutting Metal, Steel

Rank Image Product Name Details Price
1 Hacksaw Replacement
Blades by Tarvol
Quantity - 10
TPI -24
For -Steel,PVC,
Drill Rod & Many More
2 Starrett KBS1224-2 Quantity - 2
TPI- 24
For - All round Use
3 Lenox Tools
Hacksaw Blade
Quantity - 2
TPI - 24
For - All round use
4 Zona 36-678
Saw Blades
Quantity - 4
TPI - 15
For - wood, plastic
and metal
5 Stanley 15-412
Hacksaw Blade
Quantity - 1
TPI -15
For - ceramic,
hardened steel,
cast iron and masonry
6 Starrett KBS1232
Hacksaw Frame Blade
Quantity - 2
TPI - 32
For - Aluminium and
General Use
7 IVY Classic
Hacksaw Blade
Quantity - 1
TPI - 18
For - Metals
8 Dewalt DWHT20558
Hacksaw Blade
Quantity - 3
TPI - 18
For - All Use
9 Starrett KGF1218
Hacksaw Blade
Quantity - 10
TPI - 19
For - All Use
10 MK Morse
Triple Tooth
Hack Saw Blade
Quantity - 100
For - Wood,Metal

Best Hacksaw Blades 2019

You can check the top 10 recommended Best Quality Hacksaw Blades above.The detailed review and specifications of top 3 Hacksaw blades are give below

1. Hacksaw Replacement Blades by Tarvol

best hacksaw blades

This is the most recommended and editor's pick for the best hacksaw blades.Not only that this Tarvol Hacksaw blades is Best Seller in Hacksaw Blade Categories.Most of the customers who used this product is satisfied with its performance. This high speed Hacksaw Blade is made up of carbon strength steel which  it's durability and performance. Due to it's 24 TPI most of work can be done without much effort.Using this blade you can cut Steel, PVC Pipe, Wood, Angles, Drill Rod, and Metals. The length of this blade is 12 inches and width is 1/2 inches.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Why you should buy this? 
  • For this price you're going to get 10 pieces of hacksaw blades with good quality.For the same price most of the blades are giving 2 to 4 pieces.
  • If you're looking to buy more blades in budget this one is the best.


2. Starrett KBS1224-2 Hacksaw Blade

best hacksaw blades for wood

Starrett KBS1224-2 is one of the most powerful Hacksaw blade.If your work is rough and heavy the I would recommend you to buy this.This Bi-metal hacksaw blade has high speed steel.Cutting is easier and faster in this blade while comparing to others.You will get total of 2 hacksaw blade with this pack.The TPI of this hacksaw blade is 24.Suitable for all types of material.Length is 12 inches and width is 1/2 inches.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Why you should buy this? 
  • Low price and high strength.
  • Faster cutting and Long life
  • Can cut aluminium too.  

3.Stanley 15-412 Hacksaw Blade

best hacksaw blades for aluminium

If you're looking for a hacksaw blade which can cut tiles, ceramic, hardened steel, cast iron and masonry then Stanley 15-412 is your answer. This is more powerful blade and give you straight cuts.
The TPI of this blade is 15.If you want to cut hard thing like iron bars, bold etc you will definitely need this.This is the best hacksaw blades for hardened steel.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Why you should buy this? 
  • Powerful and easy to cut.
  • Heavy and rough things can be operated with this.
  • Value of Money 


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