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About Us

About Tech Dragon

                                   Tech Dragon is one of the top developing blogs in India if I tell lie.we share all the things we know about blogging.This blog mostly suits the beginner as most of our post are related to beginner level.We are planning to provide more posts on entrepreneurship and life hacks.As we are planning to add more admins who are good at entrepreneurship and life hacks.We don't worry about our page views or what we are earning through this we are doing this only because of our passion over blogging.

About Author

                       Hello,Myself Mohammed Rafi Author of tech dragon.I started blogging two years before when I read a post about Harsh Agarwal from SHOUT ME LOUD.He is my inspiration over blogging.When I started blogging I don't even know how to edit layout.it was his blog which helped me to build my blogs.I started blogging to earn money but now it becomes my passion.Though I don't earn anything till now I will keep posting My blog.

Our Daily Routine

  • Wake up.
  • Choose a good topic for our blog.
  • Research about it.
  • Prepare a quality content to post.
  •  Post it.
  • Promote it on various social platforms.
  • Go to sleep


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