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McDonald's Wi-Fi Connect Button - Free Wi-Fi Sign In Login Page

Mcdonalds WiFi Connect Button is used to connect free wifi from McDonald's.McDonalds  is one of the biggest hotel chain in world.The good news about McDonald's is it provide free internet to most of it users.In USA McDonalds Provide free Wi-Fi in most of their restaurants.

It's a good because we can spend our quality time on working while enjoying our food on mcdonalds. If you want to know how to use this free wifi from Mcdonald's read this post fully.

We will tell you everything related to Mcdonalds wifi login, How to access mcdonalds wifi and How to connect to mcdonalds wifi in this post.
Mcdonalds wifi connect button

How to Connect McDonald's Free Wi-Fi - Login / Sign in

  • To use McDonald's Wi Fi you don't need to enter login, password and all.Just connect to the network which has Wayport_access and click the connect button or mcdonalds wifi connection button.
  • For the first time if you open any URL you will redirected to mcdonalds free wifi login page.
  • Now to use free wifi from Mcdonld's Go To Free Connection and Tick on Agree Terms and Conditions page.That's all now you can enjoy free internet from Mcdonalds.
  • You can use any device with wifi access to use this Wifi by following above steps
  • Make sure you're in range.If Problem persist check whether you're connected to the correct network.In most cases you may confused with Wi-Fi networks.
  • McDonald's WiFi is free of charge.You don't need to pay anything.If you have any small task or work you can use McDonald's WiFi while eating.
  • If you have more doubts about using McDonald's Free WiFi check read below paragraph.we have explained clearly about McDonald's wifi login page and how to use the free wifi provided by mcdonald's.

mcdonalds wifi connect button

  • Mcdonald's wifi connect button can be accessed by using wifi network of the mcdonalds.
  • Just connect the network and it will took you to a mcdonalds wifi login page where you need to click a button called Free connection which is also called as mcdonalds wifi connection button and then accept the agreement.
  • In order to connect to mcdonalds wifi now you need to be in the range.then only you can access the wifi.
  • For mcdonalds login wifi click the connect button network and accept the user policy and agreement.
  • mcdonalds wifi connection button is easy to use.just follow the simple steps above and enjoy superfast internet

McDonald's Wifi Sign In

  1. To sign in mcdonald wifi  use it just do the below steps.
  2. Connect the wifi network which has Wayport_access
  3. Accept the user agreement and policy
  4. After accepting it the wifi will be connected to your device

Free Wifi From Mcdonalds

Mcdonald's provide free internet to their customers so that their customers to have a good time in their shops.This Wifi is completely Free you don't need to pay anything.The wifi connection for mcdonalds is provided by at&t.Any device which has Wi-Fi feature can be connected to it.Since it's public wifi few sites are banned here.Mcdonalds wifi or mcd wifi is a good initiative because it will help the professional to work even in mcdonalds food chain in case of emergency works.

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Troubleshoot mcdonalds wifi problems

If you followed above mentioned guide to access mcdonalds login page and accept terms and conditions mcdonalds wifi, after doing  that if you still have mcdonalds wifi problems follow the below troubleshooting methods.Make sure you have followed all the steps mentioned above to sign in to mcdonald's free wifi.
  •  If the device you're using is android check this Android WiFi Error to solve the wifi
    login mcdonalds
  • Try Re-connecting the wifi and follow same procedure
  • Restart the device
  • Make Sure you're in a range and sit near the router
  • If you're using Windows please check whether the wireless adapter settings is in power savings mode.If so turn it off as it may effect the performance of the at&t mcdonalds wifi connect.Check whether the wireless driver is perfectly installed or not.

Wayport_access Mcdonalds

Mcdonalds which is one of the biggest food chain in the world provides free internet to their customers.The internet provider for Mcdonalds is at&t also known as Wayport.
Mcdonalds Wifi has Wayport extension in it.With that we can identify the Wifi Network of Mcdonalds.To connect mcdonalds wifi follow the steps in above paragraph.

How to connect to mcdonald's wifi on android

If you want to use the mcdonalds internet in your mobile follow the below steps
  • Turn On the Wi Fi
  • Search for Mcdonalds Wifi.The easiest way to identify Mcdonalds Wifi Network is it comes with Wayport extension.
  • After identifying the mcd wifi network connect to it.
  • After connecting, open any browser and visit any URL.
  • For the first time Instead of URL you will be redirected to mcdonalds wifi connection page also called as mcdonald's free wifi sign in page.
  • Click to Free Connection button or mcdonalds wifi get connected button  you see on mcdonalds wifi login screen.
  • Then accept terms and conditions mcdonalds wifi.
  • The  mcdonald's free wifi terms and conditions are related to privacy policy, security, data usage etc.You can read it in details by clicking on mcdonalds wifi terms of agreement.
  • Now you can use at&t mcdonalds wifi.

Security Tips For Using Public Wi Fi

If you're using any public wifi like mcdonald's free wifi or any other public network you need to take care of few thing to secure yourself.Follow the below guide lines in order to protect your data while surfing Internet through wifi
  • Don't enter your Credit Card/Debit Card details or any other useful and important information while using free wifi
  • Don't use your primary emaily ID instead use any temporary or alternative email ID incase if needed.
  • Make sure to connect the URL in HTTPS format.If there is no HTTPS format kindly avoid that site.
  • Be careful while Signing up or login.Make sure the URL of the site is correct.
  • Use VPN.This is the best way to protect and hide your information .
  • Don't share or upload files when you're using free wifi.


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